We educate children from ages 12 months to 5 years old. Our commitment is to serve the best interest of the young child in an enriched environment. We accomplish this by creating a social setting which supports each individual’s unique development.
Our Montessori program is more than a classroom. It is a collective and expressive environment where children are respected and valued as individual human beings. Personalized attention fosters a balanced atmosphere that is cheerful, nourishing and orderly. The classroom is filled with manipulatives and hands-on activities that encourage age appropriate up close and tactile experiences. The environment encourages the children to explore their own curiosities and challenges them to master such skills as language and math concepts.Through our carefully planned classroom, learning materials and quality teachers, your child will benefit from our quality education program.

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The Montessori curriculum is divided into five main categories: 1. Practical life, 2. Sensorial, 3. Language, 4. Mathematics, 5. Cultural.


We are currently accepting applications for our Casa & Toddler Program. Students can be integrated into the program throughout the school year.

Our Mission

We will inspire, educate and form active leaders. We commit to professionalism and ethics in our quest for educational excellence.